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Vitasana is a single-use diaper panty with fluff of pure cellulose, particularly suitable for people with limited mobility that need frequent changes.

• Absorbent  wadding made of differentiated compression pure cellulose pulp, with the addition of extra-absorbent polymers, without resins, adhesives or other chemical agents;

• Outer covering that contacts with the skin is composed of a filtrating bonded  sheet that is hypoallergenic, soft  and resistant;

• The external covering is formed from non-toxic, waterproof material that forms a barrier to liquids.
 it has   a dampness  indicator to signal the progressive absorption of liquids and therefore the moment in which it is necessary to effect a change, eliminating the problem of  superfluous changes;

• A high diffusion layer is placed between the layer  contacting with the skin and the absorbent wadding , to absorb and quickly spread the liquids;

• Soft material side barriers, containing elastic threads, are set in a parallel and adjacent manner  to the absorbent wadding: when the diaper is worn they lift up, forming two barriers to prevent leakage of urine and feces;

• Longitudinal elastics: three soft elastic threads are placed along the  longitudinal edges to facilitate dressing;

• Adjustable adhesives: four adhesive tabs are adjustable at the waist closure.

Single-use diaper panty anatomically formed with pure cellulose fluff and extra-absorbent polymers with a diversified concentration. Created with soft elastic in the inner thigh area, adjustable adhesives, dampness indicator, and double side barriers to prevent leakage of urine and feces.
The VITASANA diaper panty assures maximum protection, optimal hygienic control and a comfortable fit. Made for urinary and /or fecal incontinence. Particularly suitable for people with limited mobility that need frequent changes.

CE Declaration of conformity.

Product: Diapers for incontinent people
Commercial name:
Reference directive: 93/42/EEC
Internal measures that are adopted guarantee that all series of products always conform to the requisite of actual CE directives and to the applicable norms.

Applicable laws of the Italian State:
Decree Law February 24th 1997 n° 46 (modified by the Decree Law 86/98)

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